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Visit River City Dental for Dental Veneers, Fort McMurray

For many dental patients, a healthy smile also means a good looking one. It’s something that we can’t help associate with positive oral hygiene. That’s why at River City Dental Clinic we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services including dental veneers for our Fort McMurray patients. Dental veneers are very thin, tooth-coloured shells that are placed over your existing natural teeth to cover front surfaces and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dental veneers can be made to fit the colour, shape, size, or length you desire for your smile. Veneers can be made of either porcelain or resin composite materials.

Dental Veneers for Cosmetic Purposes

There are many cosmetic benefits to getting veneers from Fort McMurray’s River City Dental Clinic:

Hide tooth gaps – Veneers can help cover up tooth gaps, creating a straighter-looking, fuller smile. Getting veneers is often an alternative to tooth bonding treatments.

Chips, cracks, or misshapen teeth – Veneers are a common cosmetic procedure to cover dental blemishes. They can be placed over teeth that have sustained damage or decay.

Stained or discoloured teeth – If teeth whitening procedures don’t appear to be working, veneers may be a good alternative. The veneer can be placed right over the surface of your tooth, hiding unwanted stains.

Dental Veneers for Restorative Purposes

Dental veneers can be great for fixing cosmetic problems with your teeth, but they can also improve your smile in other ways:

Strengthen existing teeth – When your teeth are cracked or misshapen, they may be weakened. Veneers can help provide strength and durability to your natural teeth.

Keep existing teeth from moving – Teeth gaps or teeth that are missing can cause other teeth to shift out of place, causing problems with your bite. Veneers can help fill in the gaps and keep some teeth from shifting out of place.

Improve bite – By improve strength and durability of your teeth as well as alignment, veneers can help improve your bite. This can make it easier to chew.

Serving Fort McMurray for Over 30 Years

River City Dental Clinic has been committed to offering comprehensive cosmetic services to Fort McMurray for over 30 years. Our dental team is dedicated to providing each of our patients with quality dental health services. If you are interested in dental veneers, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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