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Family Dentist Accepting New Patients in Fort McMurray

Count on River City Dental Clinic’s 30 years of dental experience for your next dental checkup! We’re proud to accept new patients of all ages at our Fort McMurray dental clinic.

Prevention Is Key

Many people believe that they have to live with tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease, but that simply isn’t true. At River City Dental Clinic, our team can help you overcome these conditions to regain confidence and enjoy a fresh, dazzling smile.

Fight Tooth Decay

9 out of 10 adults have experienced some level of tooth decay. By choosing River City Dental Clinic for your routine teeth cleanings and dental checkups, you can help combat tooth decay. Our staff will help ensure that you’re doing all you can at home to keep your teeth free of decay for years to come. Our dentists may recommend that you use a dental sealant (an anti-cavity coating) or supplemental fluoride (a material that helps strength your teeth) for extra protection.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

Don’t let bad breath (halitosis) hold you back! Relief from bad breath can be yours by choosing River City Dental Clinic. Bad breath usually originates from improper oral hygiene. If you don’t floss regularly, you are especially susceptible to bad breath. While there’s no overnight cure for halitosis, our team will help you make the necessary changes to overcome bad breath. Halitosis isn’t just unpleasant, it can be an early indicator of early-stage gum disease, so make an appointment today!

Gum Disease Screenings

Though gum disease is most commonly found in seniors, preventing gum disease starts at childhood. Gum disease isn’t just the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, it can also lead to heart disease, diabetes and other systemic illnesses. Just by brushing, flossing and scheduling a regular appointment with your dentist, you can help prevent gum disease.

At River City Dental Clinic, we also offer:

  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Headache and jaw tension relief (bruxism/grinding)
  • Mouthguard fitting to prevent sports injuries

Pediatric Dentistry in Fort McMurray

Brining your child to the dentist from as early an age as possible is one of the best ways to instill a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Our team educates children on the basics of good dental care and offers exams and cavity-preventing treatments. Schedule a visit to your family dentist in Fort McMurray today.

All services are provided by a general dentist.

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