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Reasons to Choose Dental Implants at River City Dental in Fort McMurray

Are you looking for an alternative to bridges, partials, and dentures to replace your missing teeth? At River City Dental Clinic, we might have just the solution. Dental implants will help fill those unwanted gaps and give you a smile to be proud of.

Our Straightforward, Worry-Free Treatment

  • Our general dentists at River City Dental Clinic in Fort McMurray will start off by examining your mouth to determine if dental implants are appropriate.
  • Next, we will remove the necessary tooth/teeth and will place one titanium post into the jawbone for every missing tooth. This will be done using a local anaesthetic meaning you won’t feel a thing!
  • The gum will heal around the post, securing it nicely in place.
  • Finally, our dentists will place a handcrafted crown—made from a mould of your teeth—onto the titanium post.

Why Our Dental Implants Will Make You Smile

  • Unlike other treatments for missing teeth, such as dentures, dental implants are incredibly durable.
  • Implants are there to stay, meaning you won’t have to fiddle around with denture adhesive.
  • You will soon forget that you have had implants as they will look, feel and work just like your other teeth.
  • If you struggle eating or your speech has been affected, dental implants will get you back to your good old self in no time.

Fort McMurray’s Dental Implants

At River City Dental Clinic in Fort McMurray, our general dentists are able to offer most procedures concerning dental implants, saving you a car trip or two!

Get in contact with us at our Fort McMurray clinic today to find out more about dental implants, to learn about our other services, or to book an appointment.

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